COVID-19 Spa Protocols

Preparing For Your Visit

We take extra steps to follow Covid-19 Spa Protocols and provide services in a safe and comfortable environment. Please note the guidelines we observe:

  • Social distancing protocols that include fewer patients and providers in the offices
  • Protective barriers at reception desks and one-way traffic throughout the office
  • Staff wearing personal protective equipment at all times
  • Staff assessing patients for COVID-19 risks prior to coming into the office
  • Temperature checks for all patients prior to being seen
  • Monitoring our employees’ and customers’ COVID-19 cases or exposure
  • Sanitation and disinfection of common and high-traffic areas

We regularly observe the latest guidance from the CDC and develop our policies and procedures to protect our team and serve you as best we can.

COVID-19 Spa Protocols Upon Your Arrival

Upon entrance to the Overture Spa facility, every patient and visitor will be screened via a questionnaire for COVID-19 symptoms and a temperature check. While in the building, all individuals (staff and patients alike) are required to wear a face mask. Although cloth masks are sufficient, we are happy to provide a level 1 surgical mask if needed.