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Upper Body

Underarm Wax, Half Arms Wax, Full Arms Wax, Stomach Wax, Chest Wax

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Brazilian Wax, Bikini Line Wax, Lower Leg Wax, Full Legs Wax, Lower Back Wax, Back Wax

Overture Spa in Brooklyn offers a full array of hair waxing services to keep your face and body smooth and lustrous. Facial and body hair is natural. However, hormonal issues or other factors, such as medication and illnesses, affect growth. An overabundance of body hair may cause embarrassment and discomfort.

Overture Spa delivers superior waxing sessions to clients across Williamsburg, 11211, 11249, 11206, and Greenpoint 11222 in Brooklyn. Our products are specially developed to prevent skin irritation. Afterward, we use a soothing ointment that also removes waxy residue. Please retain a minimum of 1/4 inch hair growth to ensure proper removal. Coarse hair should be kept a 1/2 inch during your first few sessions.

Hair grows in stages sporadically. Therefore, we recommend up to three waxing sessions at our Williamsburg spa to achieve smooth skin. When you wax regularly, your skin is less sensitive, and pulling hair from the follicles will be easier. It’s best to avoid shaving between your appointments because it will only trigger hair growth again. If you’re taking a vacation or have an upcoming event, plan your sessions for excellent, lasting results.

Waxing Benefits

  • Slow regrowth – Not only do you remain hairless for weeks, but your new hair also regrows softer, finer, and sparser.
  • Smooth and even skin – Waxing removes unwanted hair, and also dead, and dry skin cells go with it. 
  • Scar Free – Waxing avoids the painful nicks and cuts that come with shaving. 
  • No stubble – Waxing eradicates unwanted hair from its roots. Depilatories only remove hair at the surface level, while shaving usually results in stubbles, leaving your skin rough and prickly.
  • Less irritation – Waxing involves minimal chemicals and is often an all-natural process. Unlike shaving creams, lotions, or stinging hair removal / depilatory creams.

If you find yourself within the Williamsburg,11211, 11249, 11206, and Greenpoint 11222 areas of Brooklyn, call to arrange for a fantastic and helpful waxing experience at Overture Spa.

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