Infrared Sauna – Single Person: $65.00

Infrared Sauna – Two People: $79.00

Infrared Sauna: 5 Pack: $281.00

Infrared Sauna: 10 Pack: $521.00

*Individual or two-person sessions available

If you’re a wellness lover, chances are you’ve heard about infrared sauna sessions! You might be wondering whether or not these saunas are actually worth the hype. Infrared saunas sessions  at Overture Spa in Brooklyn, offer one of the most relaxing ways to break a sweat.

What is an infrared sauna?

An infrared sauna is the type of sauna that uses infrared heaters to emit infrared light. This light is experienced as radiant heat which is absorbed by the surface of the skin. The infrared light  heats the body from within rather than the air from without, as a traditional sauna does. Because of this, the infrared saunas are able to operate at a lower temperature, usually about 135 degrees Fahrenheit. Infrared-sauna is based on the theory that the light penetrates skin more deeply than the heat of a traditional sauna. This, therefore, leads to more sweat, which leads to a more abundant release of toxins.

What are the benefits of infrared sauna sessions?

Saunas have been used for centuries by cultures across the world, from the sweat lodge ceremonies of Native Americans to the Diocletian bath of Ancient Rome. While the practice of going to the sauna persists even today, here at Overture Spa, our modern technology has allowed for this option using infrared lamps to provide a practically endless list of benefits. Here are the most common:-

Improved skin tone

During an infrared sauna session, the heat dilates the blood vessels, effectively increasing circulation throughout the body. This increased circulation not only helps remove waste products, but also helps deliver more oxygen and nutrients to the skin. Since our skin depends on these nutrients to form collagen (the protein which keeps our skin firm), an infrared sauna session can be a great way to improve skin tone and reduce wrinkles.

Removal of toxins

Our immune systems are up against an arsenal of toxins that our ancestors never dreamt of: pesticides, toxic metals, PCBs in plastics, environmental pollution, and even GMOs (genetically modified organisms). This combined with a lifelong poor diet guarantees accumulated toxins in the body and a potentially weakened immune system.

However, infrared sauna sessions can give your body an extra push to flush out these toxins. Specifically, this is achieved through sweating, which has been shown in several studies to increase detoxification and lower circulating levels of toxins in the body.

Improves cardiovascular function

Within minutes of sitting in an infrared sauna session, your body’s natural response begins. Beads of sweat appear on your skin. Your blood vessels widen and increase blood flow. Your heart rate increases and your blood pressure improves. This reduces the risk of fatal coronary heart disease as well as cardiovascular disease.

Pain relief

Another excellent aspect of infrared sauna sessions is its ability to reduce chronic pain – without the negative side effects of some pain medications. This benefit results from reduced inflammation levels, which lessen the friction between your muscles and joints that causes chronic pain.

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Are you ready for your session?

Would you like to try an infrared sauna session? Here are some tips ;-

Start low and slow

Dial down the temperature and keep your sessions short when you begin using an infrared sauna. See how you feel at around 110 degrees for five to ten minutes, then build from there.

Max time

Avoid putting too much stress on your body. Even if you’re an experienced sauna user, keep sessions below thirty minutes. Also,  it may be best to limit visits to three to four times a week.

Stay hydrated

Bring water in with you. Sports drinks with electrolytes may also be a good option. However, avoid mixing alcohol with sauna use. The sweat that pours out during a sauna session can leave your body’s fluid levels low.

It is best to wait one to two hours after finishing your Infrared Sauna session before taking a shower, as the benefits of the sauna will continue after your session is finished.

Of all the treatments offered here at Overture Spa, the infrared sauna session is an experience that will certainly leave you revived and refreshed. You deserve to treat yourself!  Book your appointment now! Individual or two-person sessions are available. We await all your clients from Williamsburg and Greenpoint in Brooklyn.

Infrared Sauna – Single Person: $65.00

Infrared Sauna – Two People: $79.00

Infrared Sauna: 5 Pack: $281.00

Infrared Sauna: 10 Pack: $521.00

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