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Chief Esthetician, Paulina, designed an excellent Gua Sha treatment to meet the individual needs of our clients. Paulina combined her extensive training and knowledge of microcurrent devices, ultrasound, and Gua Sha to give our clients a thoroughly calming and luxurious facial massage experience. The Overture International Facial Massage Gua Sha treatment is designed especially for Overture Spa in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, 11211. We also cater to clients across zip codes 11249, 11206, and Greenpoint 11222.

Gua Sha: Overture International Facial Massage

A time-honored Eastern and Southeast Asian massage technique, Gua Sha treats muscle pains and promotes blood circulation. Traditionally, the word Gua Sha derives from the Chinese word for “scraping,” “spooning,” or “coining,” and, in essence, means to “scrape away illnesses.”

The practice, adapted for the face and neck, involves using a tool to rub or “scrape” the skin in long strokes repeatedly in one direction. Our Brooklyn esthetician will use instruments made of smooth jade, ox horn, or rose quartz, lubricated with facial oil. The gentle pressure forms minor bruising, consequently rendering red or purple spots known as petechiae or “sha.” The motion pushes the energy flowing in your body, also known as qi or chi, around the face to relieve muscular and fascial pain, stiffness, and tension.

In traditional Chinese medicine, your qi must freely flow to ensure sound health and well-being. When qi energy stagnates, your muscles and joints feel pain and swelling. The Gua Sha movements unblock this energy. It moves blood around and stimulates organs responsible for your skin’s health to produce more blood circulation.

PureLift® Face

The PureLift® Face patented, FDA-approved microcurrent device stimulates thousands of facial muscle fibers in your face. As we age, muscles weaken and lose elasticity. However, the PureLift® Face deeply elevates them without invasive surgical procedures. Within minutes your face looks and feels more youthful and fuller.

PureLift® uses triple-wave technology for various effects. The first (low-frequency) wave behaves as an anesthetic, the second (mid-frequency) wave reaches into the dermis layer, and the third wave penetrates facial muscles. The random pulses give your facial muscles a workout while your face achieves youthful results.

Call us to discover more about these unique facial techniques, or book an appointment today in our Williamsburg, Brooklyn, 11211 location. Overture Spa clients visit from across Brooklyn zip codes 11249, 11206, and Greenpoint 11222. 

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