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A European facial is a classic treatment that produces the most beautiful results, diminishing the effects of aging, acne, and other problematic skin conditions. Before starting the process, our professional Brooklyn esthetician will thoroughly discuss personalized skincare options based on your skin’s needs. We’ll evaluate your sensitivities and allergies, and after that, we will also suggest maintaining a flawless skincare routine using proper techniques and products. 

The Overture Spa European Facials result in a stunning, healthy glow and even skin tone that lasts weeks. We satisfy clients all over Williamsburg,11211, 11249, and 11206 to Greenpoint in 11222, in Brooklyn, leaving their skin and faces sparkling. Our European facials will melt the years away and enhance your overall skin condition. 

Our European Facial includes various beneficial processes:

  • Everyone has a different skin type; therefore, we provide a complete skincare analysis with our professional esthetician to give you the most effective treatment. 
  • We offer thorough makeup and topical buildup removal.
  • We provide your skin with a complete cleansing to remove lingering impurities.
  • We perform a gentle exfoliation to remove old skin and stimulate cell turnover. 
  • Facial steaming with a warm towel or steam generator purges the remaining dirt and oil trapped within your pores.
  • A five-minute pimple, blackhead, and whitehead extraction may or may not be performed based on your comfort level because we want to provide you with as relaxing an experience as possible. 
  • We’ll give you a customized hydrating facial mask based on your skin type. Afterward, the esthetician will use vitamin-enriched moisturizers, toners, serums, and SPF on your face and neck to lock in moisture and seal your pores. The SPF will protect your skin outdoors after your treatments.

Deep Cleansing European Facial

Our Brooklyn Spa offers a customized deep European Cleansing Facial using top-of-the-line products from the award-winning skincare company, Environ. Our process includes a complete skin inspection and facial steaming. You’ll receive an alpha hydroxy exfoliation which reduces hyperpigmentation and increase collagen. Afterward, we give 20-minute deep extractions and a custom facial mask.

Your face almost always delivers the first impression, so allow us to make it shine with this enjoyable, calming experience at our Williamsburg spa. We satisfy clients throughout the Williamsburg,11211, 11249, 11206, and Greenpoint 11222 neighborhoods with luxurious, high-end skincare.

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