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What is involved in a Men’s Facial?

Overture Spa’s signature men’s facial includes all custom skincare products that work best with your skin type and concerns. The treatment includes steaming and cleansing (We will also apply a beard cleanse if needed). If requested, our professional estheticians will use a high-frequency device on your beard to increase oxygen on the skin beneath. The thermal current treats fine lines, wrinkles, acne, and enlarged pores hiding beneath the beard hair. We provide exfoliation and/or microdermabrasion. Our Men’s facials can address skincare issues brought on by shaving, including razor burns and ingrown hairs that cause skin bumps. We perform extractions and use a custom facial mask. Afterward, you’ll receive a calming face and neck massage, moisturizer, and SPF protection.

Benefits of Men’s Facial Treatments

Men’s Facial treatments in our Brooklyn Spa focus on certain skin issues, such as anti-aging for wrinkles, fine lines, skin, and sun damage. Men are prone to more intense acne breakouts, and our skilled esthetician can develop a skin care regimen for treatment. Shaving is a natural exfoliation; doing so before your facial will only enhance the results on your skin. However, do not shave the same day as your facial because your skin may be tender, irritated, and sensitive to cosmetics at that time. We recommend shaving the day or night before your appointment. Another tip for men is to avoid working out right after having a facial. Exercise before your facial, or wait at least a day for your newly healed skin to settle. Otherwise, heat and sweat may irritate your skin and harbor bacteria.

A basic facial is a perfect option for men, and the benefits are plentiful.

  • A youthful, healthier appearance and complexion
  • Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Healing for acne breakouts, razor bumps, redness, and scarring
  • Collagen and skin elasticity are increased.
  • The time spent getting a facial is soothing and restful.
  • Receiving a men’s facial provides a stress reliever.
  • Facials diminish premature aging.

Overture Spa provides top-quality signature men’s facials to Brooklyn clients from all around Williamsburg,11211, 11249, and 11206 to Greenpoint, 11222.

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