Facial Massages


Anti-Aging Facial Massages Overture Spa is one of Brooklyn’s best-kept beauty secrets. Our anti-aging facial massage benefits your skin, facial muscles, and general state of mind. When you come into our Williamsburg Spa, you can fully relax and leave the process to us. Depending on your skin type, up to twenty minutes is perfect for an effective facial massage. Our professional Brooklyn aestheticians know that muscle tension harbors wrinkles, so they’ll help you defeat gravity with a relaxing upward circular motion. Our anti-aging facial massages can offer immediate relief for jaw pain or headaches when applying gentle pressure. Many muscles are attached to your jaw, parts of your skull, and neck; however, a professional facial massage helps reduce muscle tone in your facial muscles and loosens them up. Anti-Aging Facial Benefits Facial massages increase your circulation, particularly around the delicate lines of your eyebrows, eyes, and mouth. It sends more nutrients and oxygen to your tissues, benefiting your entire body, not just the face. Facial massages are [...]

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Glowing skin facials at Overture Spa await clients across Williamsburg, 11211, 11249, 11206, and Greenpoint, 11222, in Brooklyn.

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